Who Is Cool


Are you ready to rock and roll/crank it up/let's go/I just wanna dance at the show/body party/let's play/body party/rock today/let's go/we're here to party/we're here to rock
Toxicity surrounds me/get the fuck out of my face/don't fool yourself/I just think it's funny how your problems are the same/beef with so many others/maybe you're to blame/evaluate your life/it's time for you to grow up/call me later if you decide to change
Oh you've got dollars to shell out for delivery/but it would just be too much if you gave me a tip/I've got a doorman and a rooftop pool/let's send the kids to charter school/teach them that they're really cool just for having money/even if it's snowing or freezing rain outside/your delivery is some kid on a bike/I've got a quarter million condo in the heart of center city/and no apparent recognition of when I'm being shitty/stick your $15 hoagie where the sun don't shine/I don't have the patience/I don't have the time
There was a man named Michael Scott/he lived a lonely life/he said if I could be married I think I'd be happy/I would have 100 kids and they would all be my friends/that's not how life turned out
Isolated yet again today/why do I feel like this/everyone jokes that I'm uptight/I don't know how to have fun/I'd never be so vulnerable to say that it hurts me every day/at all costs preserve the way that I seem/I'm cold/I'm tough/I'm scary/intimidate men (that's why they don't date me)/distance friends (that's why they don't invite me)/I'll pretend (that nothing ever gets to me)/I know you've got notions of me being some type of way/so much I'd give to be able to say that I don't care what you think about me
Little buddy's litter box/Pat can you please clean that shit up
Just chill out/you take everything so personally/don't get defensive/oh please don't be so offended/"but this! but that!" you yell/you talk too loud and it's beat as hell/you are in my way/I'm a man so I think it's okay to stand right in front of you and talk shit while you play/if DIY is for everyone, how come this isn't fun?/if we did the same to you I bet you'd cry/poor you
BLUE 01:25
What use is peaceful protest if so called "protectors" kill?/they "serve" no public good/it's okay to be violent when you are provoked/compliance has no place when lives are at stake/police are terrorists/yes, even your family/no productive use in society/yes, you are a terrorist if you choose to be a cop/no regard for human life/murders at traffic stops/no sense of right or wrong/no love for killer cops


released October 4, 2017

Recorded & Mixed by Pat Quigley
Mastered by Alex Nagle
Philadelphia, PA


all rights reserved


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